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As the driving force behind FOBIGS SOLUTIONS, our career spans a dynamic tenure in government contracting where we’ve become trusted advisors to businesses navigating the complexities of federal procurement. Our expertise is anchored in years of industry experience, during which we’ve mastered the art of guiding small businesses through the intricacies of registration, bidding, and contract acquisition.

Our company, FOBIGS SOLUTIONS, is more than a consultancy; it’s a gateway for small businesses to partner with prime contractors and secure opportunities previously out of reach. We specialize in demystifying the certification process, ensuring our clients are not just contenders but standout favorites for government contracts.

Our achievements include the successful implementation of a proprietary bid-matching system and the cultivation of a robust network of prime contractors and small businesses. These successes have not only led to increased contract wins but have also contributed to economic growth and job creation.


At the core FOBIGS SOLUTIONS is a commitment to relationship-building and strategic collaboration. Our approach combines industry acumen with compliance savvy, strategic planning, and a dedication to realizing both immediate and long-term client objectives.

We do take ultimate pride and pleasure in the consultancy we’ve built, the impact we’ve made, and our esteemed position as a linchpin in the government contracting ecosystem. Looking ahead, we’re eager to forge new partnerships, tackle fresh challenges, and continue shaping success stories in these vibrant sectors.

We service Residential & Commercial 

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General Contracting Services

Our general contracting services provide comprehensive construction solutions, managing every aspect of your project from planning to completion, to ensure quality workmanship and timely delivery within budget.

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services can keep your workplace clean, hygienic, and organized, allowing your employees to work in a safe and healthy environment.

Transportation Services

Our transportation services offer reliable and efficient solutions to meet your logistics needs, ensuring timely and secure delivery of goods to their destination.

Consulting Services

We can provide expert guidance and recommendations through our consulting services to help businesses solve complex problems and achieve their goals.


Our property security services provide customized solutions to protect your assets, utilizing the latest technology and industry best practices to minimize risks and ensure the safety and security of your property.

Real Estate

Our real estate company can help clients find their dream homes by providing personalized assistance and expert guidance throughout the entire buying or selling process.

"FOBIGS SOLUTIONS LLC played a pivotal role in helping our janitorial services company obtain the necessary certifications and registrations to qualify for government contracts. Their expertise and guidance were instrumental in positioning us as a competitive contender in the public sector marketplace. Thanks to their support, we successfully secured a major government contract, and our business has experienced significant growth as a result."

 – Neville Acha

"We are incredibly grateful for the invaluable assistance provided by FOBIGS SOLUTIONS LLC in our pursuit of construction contracts. Their strategic guidance and expertise in navigating regulatory requirements and bid processes were instrumental in helping us secure lucrative government contracts. Their support has been a game-changer for our business, and we continue to benefit from their ongoing commitment to our success in the public sector."

Kirbi Verita

"FOBIGS SOLUTIONS LLC has been an indispensable partner in our journey to secure HVAC and plumbing contracting deals in the public sector. Their in-depth knowledge of regulatory compliance, certification requirements, and government procurement processes has been invaluable. With their support, we've successfully positioned ourselves as competitive candidates and have won multiple government contracts, significantly expanding our business opportunities."

Raul Gonzalez

We at Stance Healthcare use FOBIGS SOLUTIONS for most of our freight logistic needs. We find FS an “easy to work with”, competitive, no pressure company who meets our everyday needs and are willing to go the extra mile to meet a difficult or odd freight requirement. Issues in the past that have arisen like border issues, freight damage etc. have been dealt with in an efficient manner with FS again going the extra mile to make sure we, the customers, are protected. I think what is unique to FS is their flexibility and personable nature. I would recommend FS to anyone looking for a freight company to partner with.

Brittany Holly, Program Coordinator

The FOBIGS SOLUTIONS was a pleasure to work with! This was our first time building a home and they made the experience fun and as stress free as possible! Even after being in the house already for almost a year, I still see and hear from Kyle and his team, checking in on how we are doing! A great team to work with

 JE (The Yeatman Group)

I just recently bought our first property, and the Fobigs Solutions team was able to assist us in getting contractors to remodel and redesign. They also provided assistance with the Home Equity option as our backup as our rainy-day fund. The whole process from beginning to end was very easy and painless. Pearl approaches his customers with the mindset of a teacher not a businessman. Being our first property, we’ve ever acquired, he could tell my partner had a lot of questions. Destiny, Destiny, Destiny!!!! We never could have gone through this without Pearl & Fobigs Solutions. He was amazing! He was extremely quick to respond. If he didn’t know the answer, he’d make the call right and get it immediately! Thank you so much Pearl. Pearl, I told you this and you smirked, You’re the man!!

 JE (The Yeatman Group)

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